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Asking for advice is a sign of wisdom and maturity. It takes courage to first look inside yourself, then reach out to a counselor or friend. For those of you who are willing to take that step, it will be one of the most rewarding decisions you ever make.

When seeking the guidance and comfort of personal counseling, having an open mind is fundamental. You deserve all the support available; now it’s your responsibility to search through possible options until you find what suits you best.

The first step is recognizing that you need guidance. The second, is to avoid defining the problem or situation. Instead, tell your story in a neutral way, without anticipating what others will recommend. In this way, you will give yourself and your counselor the opportunity to come up with solutions together.

It’s when you are really willing to change things that counselling becomes very effective. If you have been avoiding or denying something within yourself, chances are that your mind isn’t fully focused on the solutions and during counselling sessions this may show as boredom or lack of interest. All of this is normal, especially if you have been avoiding certain situations and people which have been causing problems.

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