What is 1.25 handicap? The most effective 1.25 handicap experience

What is 1.25 handicap? The most effective 1.25 handicap experience

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In football betting, there are many different handicap odds, of which the 1.25 handicap is also very popular and chosen by many people to participate in betting. So what is the 1.25 handicap, and how is the experience of catching the bet? We will provide players with all information about betting odds through the detailed article below.

What is 1.25 handicap?

Handicap 1.25 is also known as handicap 1 left, 1 left 1 and a half or handicap 1 1/4 and is one of the odds available in Asian Handicap.

This bet only appears when, in the match, there are 2 teams with differences in ability and order on the rankings. A bet in which, before the match starts, the top team (stronger team) will hand over 1 left plus 1/4 left to the bottom team (the weaker team).

The odds will be given by the house on the odds table before the match starts, this table will summarize all types of bets such as handicap bets, 1×2 bets, and bets on the team to serve first. In the short term of the match, this rate may fluctuate up or down.

The time for calculating the result of the bet is the official 90-minute playing time, including the extra time, but not the extra time if any.

Instructions to read the 1.25 odds correctly when betting on football

Choose a reputable football betting house to access the home page. Then proceed to select the appropriate match that you want to participate in betting on and bet with arbitrary bets and odds available on the odds table, including the following bet options:

  • Top: Bets on the winning team. The top team will accept the bottom team’s 1 1/4 of the ball.
  • If the result is that the top team beats the bottom 2 teams, then the top team wins the bet and gets enough money. The person who places the lowest bet will lose the bet and all of his money.
  • If the top team beats the bottom team by 1 left, the top team loses the bet and loses half of the money. The bottom will win the bet and take half the money.
  • Under: bet on the bottom team to win or the 2 teams to tie. The bottom team is allowed 1 1/4 left from the top team.
  • If the top team wins by any score or if the two teams tie, the bottom team wins the bet and gets all the money. The upper hand loses the bet and all the money.
  • After placing bets, players will pay attention to the game progress to know the final result and see how many goals are scored for each team.
  • If your bet prediction matches the bet result, the player wins the bet and receives the corresponding bonus amount.

Winnings = bet amount x Odds.

Eat enough money = winnings.

Eat half your money = 1/2 your winnings.

If your bet prediction is incorrect compared to the bet result, the player loses the bet and loses the original bet.

Lose enough money = original bet amount.

Lose half your money = 1/2 of your original bet.

The most accurate 1.25 handicap experience

Choose the most reputable bookmaker today to minimize all possible risks and experience the best conditions when participating in football betting.

The ideal time to bet is when the house rolls out the bet, because at this time, the house will not have much impact on the odds, so this will give us the most important view.

If the home team has a handicap of 1.25 left and has a strong offense, it should prioritize bets. If the away team is the handicap team, but the performances of the two teams are not too different, the team with the home field advantage will still be prioritized.

Always find out information for 2 teams to analyze selectively and make accurate assessments.


To play well with any bet, players must know how to play and have certain necessary skills and experience. The information provided above is critical for any player participating in the 1.25 handicap to increase their chances of winning and achieving the best playing results.

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