Informative Guide From KuCoin About The Crypto Market Cap

What Is Crypto Market Cap?

Crypto Market Cap can be defined as the total value of all cryptocurrencies. The Crypto market is much more similar to the stock exchange market, where stocks of a listed company are bought and sold at a certain face value. Market capitalization illustrates the overall size of cryptocurrency in the market. Today, the current volume of crypto market capitalization is a whopping $983.72 billion, more than the GDP of several sovereign states.

How Does It Work?

The first cryptocurrency mining dates back to 2009 when Bitcoin was launched. BTC is often considered the symbolic representation of crypto; other coins like Eth, USDT, and SOL are considered alternate coins. Crypto market capitalization only tells the transactions of crypto; in fact, crypto market capital tells the price of cryptocurrencies and tokens, which often misleads the investors and users. The crypto with the biggest market capital is likely to be more stable than those with comparatively less capital. The cryptocurrencies with less market capital have more chances of instability and may gain whooping profit or loss by the fluctuations in the market. Initially, the crypto market cap is a metric used to measure the size of all cryptocurrencies and tokens by multiplying the circulating supply with their last transaction price. Today, BTC has the largest market cap with an astounding amount of 439.41B dollars.

Guide From KuCoin

KuCoibn is a popular exchange platform that enables users to trade coins and tokens with minimum fees. It is ranked 4th by Forbes in the list of top crypto exchanges. The cause of the popularity of KuCoin is its distinct features which help the newbies to interact easily. Its super features like lending and borrowing, trading bots, and KCS tokens make life easy for users. At the moment, at KuCoiuon’s market cap platform, BTC is leading the chart with a market cap of 437.92B $, the next is Eth with a cap of 198.17B S, and the third is BNB with a value of 48.66B $. If we talk about KCS, it is ranked 55 by, currently at 10.06$ and has a market cap of 984.09 Million. 

Like in any other stock exchange, investors are always curious to know about the stability of the LLC in which they are going to invest; the same goes with Crypto market capitalization as it indicates the signals to trade rightly. If we look at KuCoin’s market cap, it is a bit stable and may rise to analyze the recent rise. Market Cap aids in identifying the current trend of coins and tokens, i.e., when a group of cryptos based on decentralized blockchain or NFTs trading begin rising or falling in value, thus it indicates the sign that market cap is attracting or losing investors. 


Long topic short, crypto has become the core of business fundamentals, and many countries are accepting payment in the form of crypto. Some have adopted it as their official currency. If we look at the KuCoin market capitalization platform, the certain rise of cryptocurrencies indicates that virtual currency will rule the world in the future.

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